And so it starts! A couple of weeks off. Quite a good start, from exploring the culinary world to indulging in movies, and geeky pursuits. And enjoying quality time with friends =)

Got back to cooking - starting creamy & flavorful risotto to the savory quiche and the comforting soupe au potiron. as good intros to a couple of classical movies with “Shutter Island,” “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” and “The Revenant”. Plus some bday parties, Bracadab’adventures, and brewing stuff from kombucha to tasting local beers.

A bit of work too, for PBN tools, specifically using of Langchain and knowledge graphs, to better understand of LLM RAGs can help dail activities, but also from an admin perspective, getting registrations in order, awarded by a new desk put in place.

Last but not least, restarting slowly on the hardware side, updating the un0rick community mapping and sending a couple of boards to interested universities.

Not too shady for a progress of 2% !