This week was one of friends, admin, academics, and projects.. starting with a couple sessions with friends, Ben, Seb, Claire and the likes. We also went to the Picasso exhibition in paris which was (surprisingly) good.

The season of “AG” went on, with a couple of ‘fun’ stories to tell. And we finally got some admin support to clear paperwork reporting. Invoices get in, so hopefully that will demonstrate the financial stability of the overall setup.

The fermentation experiment with kefir was deemed successful, adding a homemade touch to bubbly drinks. Still more Hellofresh experiments, and trying to revive a bier mix, hopefully soon able to reuse yeast to do beers of .. anything.

The hardware experiments progressed, getting well as the pico-adc experiment (soldering went well, both main board and the support one), but having salvaged the ADC from an old, broken board, the ADC might not work, so I’ll need to confirm that in software. That was a good excuse for the electronics cabinet to get a much-needed cleanup. Also received a friendly package of probes from the US, a couple more to teardown in due time, along with more books to read .. and a brand new PC, yeay! This one is a nice HP840 G6, with 32GB RAM / 512 GB SSD - a nice upgrade from an old E7250. And it costed less than a medium-size android phone.

Software side, some delays due to platform issues, but got backend development done on an LLM-augmented marketing project, using the classical combo of FastAPI and Streamlit. And a very interesting challenge for slot-filling using LLM chats. Could not do much more with the platform issue.

In the pursuit of continuous learning, I have also done the Coursera “AI, Business & the Future of Work”, and started “Future Ready Company” aligning with professional growth objectives. On the other side of the teaching table, we’ve also quite well progressed the last leg of the teaching session. 📚💼🔧