A bit of personal time, professional and academic stuff .. starting with a bit more time to uwind. A bit of family time close to the Loire for Easter, drinks with the kwel four, and coffee at the parents’. Plus some leisure time was also well-spent, with the end of the “Usher” series, and watching weird “Predestination” - and reading Mondo Cane from Barberi.

A bit more too on work, progressing on blueprints, enhancing our ongoing project with some more fresh insights, altogether with an integration of the GBN mapping - including some time with people who had done great work on the methodology earlier. The A. bot also underwent a notable upgrade with a slot-filling approach, promising to streamline risk assessments more efficiently. Maybe some code to be released. And more progress on Knowledge management bot.

Academically, more work too to close teaching, and more documentation writing on the way, for Futures management systems and GBN mapping (along with cards).

In the research space, the pic0rick board was tested, both on hardware and software, checking a pulse sequence to the first full acquisition - yet to be documented.

Still plenty to do, but on track! And more of pushing boundaries in work and enjoying me-time moments and academic growth. 📘🔧🎓