Another bit professional milestones, academic pursuits, and personal moments, each playing its unique tune.

The week kicked off with a series of tasks diligently marked off: shooting admin stuff and taxes, and meeting with a friend, enjoying some good sun and beers.

The tempo picked up with the end of teaching, chased by a flight to Denmark. This journey wasn’t just a geographical shift but also marked I hope a step towards more connected thinking and delivering fun workshops. This retreat promised a respite, a moment to pause, reflect, and actually do stuff. Only to return to a bustling Paris, now playing host to friends, visiting family too.

Leisure found its way through the installation and indulgence in CS2 gaming, updates of laptops. Plus the release of the pHATrick project on GitHub and the release of more code for the pic0rick, marking a bit of progress in the hardware domain.

Meanwhile, reading of “The Killing Moon”, and starting the “We are Bob” series, promising a journey into realms crafted by imagination. So, in short, still working on various facets - work, learning, personal growth, and leisure, each finding its rhythm in the grand composition of life. 🌍📚🎮