Back to tinkering!

Some profesional transitions happening - and celebrations in Britanny - plus some chill time in the 9th, blanquette and sunshine! But before this, we went to the “Space Invaders” art exhibit, to really about digital nostalgia but someone who dedicated long years to a great-simple idea.

In the green corner - new seeds sown (capucines, and some more seeds from last year) and plants outside.. maybe the start of a promising growing season. And as a potion master, I rebooted the ginger beer project, and we tried the longan fermented sirup. Definitely some alcohol in it. And loads of bubbles. Blobbies were chased by .. their invisible ennemies, but paper-backups sort of work well to get them back in the game.

And got into the assembly of the pic0rick and further testing,along with assembly of the demodulation boards from OSHPark.. as usual with some missing passives (and errors in active component footprints), but just a matter of time before this is corrected. Also managed to publish some documentation for the pic0rick, Hackaday, Zenodo, GitHub, … Do, and tell, they say.

Less fun.. but on the roadmap.. the tax season is coming up fast, so also some “good” time on prepping admin papers.. while some maintainance works are lined up (roof repairs, anyone?). Also managed to close the “Future Ready Company” course on Coursera. And tried to make some time for gaming, sessions of CS2, Crypt of the Neurocander, and SixtyFour (yeay for dual-boot new laptops ^).. but that’s to be more explored later on (or maybe I’m just too old for this now?)..