Week 16!

Still building AI, that progresses, still some bots are in the pipe, this time with more energy spent on the process. And, in parallel, nurturing a network of AI-related people, trying to share a vision of a “normal” AI approach.

On the technological front, significant progress was made across the different hardware projects. The rest of the PMODs are not only ready, but now documented, the demodulation board is now complete - firmware yet to be tested - and R2R DAC tests are on the way, and seem good. The build and initial testing of DAC2932 (usable for MRI) and FT600 (quite a challenge to not use FT232) boards are also on the way. Other documentation in particular with the update of the echOmods project, which is now something like 8 years old, but the documentation engine still works (ish). I guess this was the biggest time investment this week!

A couple of experience sharing too, from learning with the OECD workshop on AI regulation, and sharing about the ISO37101 experiments with the Cities practionners, with highlights on the game card. This week (official) learning remained on the OZINT.eu side of things, still tackling fun challenges.

In the creative corner, I went for more epoxy bears and plant-rings, using of course glow-in-the-dark skills.. but also induction lights ;) Aesthetics and manual skill. Plants wise, Monsteras are growing fast, but I fear the baobab seeds do not like the cold wave.Also a good time for spring cleaning - refreshing change, clearing out the old to make room for new energy and projects. And for some (re)connections, like meeting Joe in Paris, spending time with the ParisNord people, time with the brother. And back to running at 20 or 30km/week.

Looking ahead, I’m still due to progress on alignments with AI H2020 projects, promising another week of challenges and learning, all while keeping growing the tools and solutions that keep the work (a bit) structured and impactful.