A bit of engagements spanning work and personal commitments. πŸ—“οΈ

I joined the Netexplo event at StationF, going into discussions on futures. Also spent an afternoon attending the Enviebration festival as a voluteer. Quite some good, interesting fun πŸ’Ό, with some screen time with the β€˜Anthracite’ series.

Transitioning into more relaxed settings, some good moments at David playing a Sherlock game (a good excuse for engraving Sherlock-themed creations, innit), and chilling at la Vieille Pie.

Amidst these activities, I made headway on various professional commitment, from advancing the bot development for risk assessment (bet on an early enough proof of concept to allow people to play with an artefact) to getting the DAC2932 schematics ready. In between, I validated the R2R DAC working with the rp2040 DAC. Still on hardware, I went for initial tests on solar harvesting setups and engaged in fruitful exchanges with colleagues and community members.

Wrapping up the week, I received (quite some positive) feedback on the maturity assessments and spent time (re)connecting with the AI network, from the BigBoss to the face of AI, while supporting former colleagues in getting AI support ready for bids. 🌟

As the week progressed, a change of scenery beckoned, marked by a departure to Milly for some countryside respite.