This week - family moments, cooking experiments, and a bit of work.

This week, I’ve been quite productive in various areas. 📚 I’ve made progress on my reading list, closing the (famous) “We are Bob.” 🏡 Family time was a highlight, spending relaxed moments in the country side, and engaging in activities like spring cleaning, mini trails in the forest, and new attempts at foccacia recipes. 🍽️ But that does not exclude Dutch pancakes and beers at home!

On the home front, I’ve been nurturing my green thumb, planting red peppers in the countryside, and preparing wisteria seeds back in Paris. 🌱 Personal connections were also on the agenda, once back in the capital, with romanian, polish and french colleagues, if only for a day.

Professionally, I also progressed on the opensourceimaging side of things, in particular on the DAC2932 board, and tried to support the community (going onto Matrix soon) and delivered more maturity assessments. Still a bit slow on the governance assistant, but picking up speed!

In short - another more balanced week, filled with familiar routines and small victories. ✨