On the communications front this week, some improvements - completed work on my site (this one!), and I’m pleased to say that I now have a personal online presence 😄

More seriously, been working on a training I’m delivering, been working on a support AI chatbot for a confidential project support, and worked on a proposal. And on another one, the knowledge graph, I’ve just released th v0.4 - which is great at I’m hitting the point where I won’t have much more to do at this stage!

In other news, the Kombucha quality control has been checked and stamped by the highest instances. Refrigeration, filtration, and adding lemons help. And we’ve finally got to see the Lion King.

When it comes to open imaging, we’re starting on an official structure to help the community get resources with the right support. Signing is in the pipe! A couple of chases for advisory gigs in this space, still early phases; but developments have been quite promising.

On the hardware front, some significant progress with the pico ACQ project. The first software results are in, proving acquisition is possible at around 60Msps and I’m happy to report that the design is moving forward smoothly. Also been spending time in structuring a pic0rick project - pico-based SDR, although the design is still pending. All in all, test stuff is stored on a PMOD repo for the moment.

Wondering when I got more time.. according to github: