Tech and people: a good week in short!

There was a bit more of focus on AI development progressing several projects, and a couple of IRL/online exchanges, in particular discussing AI with AFD and HEC. Loads of good things:

  • from Orange in the morning
  • to the AFD in the afternoon - discussing the challenges of ethics in AI for developing economies.
  • and to HEC - particularly what the team in Alstom has done.

I’ve also closed the brAIn project (quickly accessing a body of knowledge), and tried a specific model around supporting the creation of a AI Policy tool, in particular based on specific organisations’ strategies.

Also some good progress on hardware - I completed a KiCAD first design for a fast acquisition module based on the pico, so far at 65Msps, might be a bit faster, as well as some of the firmware.. still a free CPU despite a driver for VGA display. Pulser on its way too.

Learning wise, I’ve also tried a few challenges on ozint.eu. A couple of frustrating flags in the wrong format, but… And a good discord community too! Trying to find time to explore the DataForGood project, in particular one about the environmental impacts of genAI.

Some good progress on a EU project - first releases are out, with a knowledge graph as a key deliverable, and a support app to explore the KG. Also used this approach to tackle a parallel challenge around stakeholder mapping, and drafting “Needs Opportunities Abilities” views for each of them. Just got released, let’s see the feedback from colleagues.

On a lighter note, food and drinks adventures! Crepes (yup, Chandeleur), making and exploring HelloFresh recipes, and a rugby match at Helene’s with Filip.

Yup, it’s been one month already. Time really flew by - mostly to close the loose ends. Still of couple of them to go, but maybe more time to travel and take time coming up this month ;)