More work.. progressing on standards, mostly on ISO37101 and ISO42100 – because they are cool and interesting. Cities went well - the Green Building Neighourhoods Cards project saw the completion of character cards’ text, writing up of the rules, and the printing of the cards to get ready for Porto next week.

A bit into digital - trying to make time for the Data4Good challenge call, and a work session with Stephane to progress on an interesting project. Also built a bot to help draft or invent Business cases from limited inputs.

Hobbies and interests? The experimentation with lacto-fermented cabbage and new recipes tests with a slightly tweaked hummus (yum), an excellent risotto. Also still progressing on the printing - tried to do a commissiong of a small Sirius Black - a bit of artistic pursuit. In the hardware space, nothing much really on the FPGA space but the rp2040 is going well (and validation of the picorx of the IQ demod seems to work). Looking at more extension boards (VGA, PSRAM anyone), and going for the IQ Tayloe demod. But blobs do not seem to come back.

The week rounded off with socials - going to the HangArt and later on at Ground Countrol, old friends and ongoing projects - offering moments of relaxation and camaraderie. Also more family activities provided a welcome distraction, with more decorating happening at Barbes, some bday party, and getting flowers 📊🍴🎨