Substack watch

Keeping an eye on the future

Substack watch

What’s the watch?

I’ve been working on this weekly Substack newsletter over the past year / month. We’re not just skimming the headlines here; we’re trying to dive deeper, pulling out the juicy bits, and serving them with a side of wit. Imagine getting the lowdown on everything from the latest AI shenanigans to the under-the-radar tech that’s about to blow everyone’s socks off. Of course, it’s not your average tech watch; it’s the cool cousin who knows all the insider secrets.

Each issue drops like a mixtape of the interesting bits and bobs, below the surface hot takes, cooler-than-cool trends, and a sprinkle of geeky humor to keep things spicy. Whether it’s an arcane paper from Nature or a game-changing gadget that’s about to hit the streets of Paris, this tries to get you covered.

It’s like having a chat over a beer with a friend who’s got the inside scoop on all things tech, minus the bar tab.

Developping a database

On top of the weekly watch, I’m keeping the curated content on a dedicated page The idea ultimately will be to preserve these “seeds” of the future for later use.. possibly more to come there, made of :

  • Summaries of the articles
  • Extracting keywords
  • Listing themes
  • Extracting weak signals

The data is processed and reviewed on the side. Anaylsis code and main resources are captured on a GitHub repo.