This week has been packed, yet manageable.

Been working with a couple of teams, talking about security, knowledge (graph), and still building a bit of stuff, going for tests on others, while closing the delivery of others, and chasing old commitments.

We also go some feedback on the class we taught. Interesting. Definitely a balance to strike between content and leisure. Learning progressed too, got 5 courses out of 9 on the Cybersecurity analyst piece by Microsoft. Rest to come.

Bits of socials, like (re)meeting consortium partners in less rushed environments, enjoying a long(er) lunch time with the parents (and found a good book for the urban history of their neighbourhood).

Bits of software development too! My Substack ‘pépinière’ got its autoupdate pushed - a new function for creating pages. The knowledge app skeleton got memory tweaks and content identification improvements, and the Paris Budget ISO analyser app got updates too Learning also more about the joys of docker-compose.

And hardware saw a finalized design files for the DAC2932 board, as well as soldering something for the Hackaday business card challenge. My forked PicoRX design testing included software, assembling components, and soldering debug pins. Seems one like of the Tayloe demod tool isn’t working well, and that the onboard SPI ADC isn’t there yet. Also spent some time on the phADC project, to assemble the board, and consequently introduce hardware modifications for accepting most USB cable. 🔧

Still, as I got a not-so-kind cold, I got an chance to watch a couple of films and shows (got Baby Reindeer, le Salaire de la peur (new one), BAC Nord, Brightburn, 3000 years of longing), and finished reading “Nettle and Bone.”.

Sick, but still able to progress while home alone!