Plenty of socials this week! Family, carnaval session with friends, a pho with BiVi, a couscous with Seb, visiting the progress of works at my old school with old schoolmates.. and some pets too with catsitting Aichat.

Building software, I’ve spent much of the time building a deployment pipeline, safe, reliable, and working on specific systems - not my forte but progressing. And got some (smart, I hope) rearchitecture pieces together to streamline the pipeline and make developers lives easier. That did take a significant piece of this week, hopefully saving the next ones.

Preparing for the week ahead, i’m still trying to progress the hardware topics, with a view for builds for MRI and finally got the rp2040 x FT600 board gerbers. So that’s a batch of boards to go OSHPark way (along with the pHATv2 and the fastDAC). Contest wise, I’ve progressed some code on the business card mud and got the Hackaday page updated. And to close on the hardware pieces, got some more pages on this website for the different boards (DAC, FT600, demod, pHATv2)..

Culture wise, nothing much .. not even Atlas, to save the day =) But the good news is admin went quite well, and taxes done on time - well done accountants =)