Close to halfway into these 11 months now.

This week was a mix of social events, administrative tasks, and ongoing projects - and the beginning of a proper summer.

Loads of social to try and enjoy the sunny weather, lunching at LVP with Filip, celebrating a 40th birthday, flea markets in the 9th, lunches at familly in Issy, and get together on open projects. Not forgetting a couscous with friends at the classical place in montmartre. That was quite a lot of socials indeed! Got also some more tickets for trains and shows ahead.

Still socials on projects - catching up with prospects and possible further developments. Including a super smart remark about transforming a pulse echo device into a VNA. Very close to this! Especially since the DAC board pcb is getting ready at the fab.

Built also a few more things, testing some impedance matching adaptation for ultrasounds, based on the same doc scripts as .. seven years ago ;) That’s on the hardware side, on the software still working on this communication tool, and getting nice and text stories, as well as working on an “EVAluation assistant” for Behavioral and Social Sciences people. As well as updating the ISO37101 bot with the latest gpt4o API. And standards wise, possibly finding connections with the standards team.

Hopefully, next week will be lighter on developments, and possibly finishing the gingerbug trials (mixed .. or not with kefir), finishing the Jaworski’s knights latest series - and possibly testing the Bloodthorn dungeon crawler game 📦