Another page, another week!

Some progress building things, closing the Pépinière library pending issue. Some progress on T3.5, but mostly under the hood, and with a comms’ assistant, but here too progressing (only) at the infrastructure level. Definitely underestimated by all.

I also got some visibibility creating the MUD (business) card for a contest on Hackaday. Good way to mix electronic sculpture, business card, and MUDs on an ESP32 up and running. Slight progresses too on the ESP32 8x8 display. Hardware too, as I got the revisions for the fast ADC pHAT, tests showing it runs at 125Msps. But possible next steps, slight shift from 200Msps, 8 bits to something more robust, 10bits at 80Msps, at the same BOM cost. In parallel, schematics for the rp2040/ft600 are making progress.

A bit of connections in profesional life, meeting new staff at partners’ firms, and new colleagues, working on cities. Plus LinkedIn posts on the stuff I did, for example Knowledge Graphs and the (in)famous GBN card game. Discussing too about the content for an interview =)

Socials in personal life, too, with Nes’ bd glitter party, the Paris 10k (and an afternoon of sun, storm, oysters and wines, just down the street).

Admin still, tracking invoices, putting some money in shares and work with the accountant for taxes. But on the fun I booked a Climate Fresk training session in June, and got an excuse to walk aroud in brocantes. 🏃‍♂️📚🎮