And .. back in Paris.

This week was mostly filled with meetings, project updates, and personal engagements (and loosing to)

Spent some time with the Slovenian friend, cousins in Essonne for BBQ and apéro, and brunch with the parents. Also some good serious gaming, playing the “Année de l’innovation” with colleagues. That was good!

On the work side of things, prospecting new clients to propose ultrasound hardware or drivers, and that’s always cool when clients know you and reach out for some support. Got some pieces for the hardware - now waiting for the PCBs to reach!

Still doing a bit of software/coding, for LLMs in the creative space, which kept me relatively busy, as well as preparing to spend more time in the AI Governance space, in particular focusing on the ISO42001 space.

When it comes to the EU project, I also took the opportunity of being stuck at home for the windows work to add a couple of new blueprints from Filip, worked on the deliverable itself. Also trying to work on the GBN-scenario generation option-game. Maybe still feeding the GBN Fresk ;)

But also chilling a bit more (keeping up with the 30km/week target), eg testing MiniRogue on BoardGame Arena. Oo, and just finished the “Peacock and Sparrow” - quite good a book! 📚🎲