Now back on socials! This week was a mix of practical tasks, social engagements and project progress.

Loads of people first - spending a bit of time with the brother, museum exhibit and coffee times with the parents, going to friends wedding in Lyon.. that was fun, and not as social-energy depleting as I was expecting. 🎉🎉 Still, tiring. You know, getting old.

Oo, and I have talked about a long evening playing Country Strike, like in the old days. Old reflexes come back ‘fast’! The museum part, quieter, was super cool but it had to be scientific instruments from the beginning of the 20th. Loads of good stuff, electricity, high voltage, this steampunk feel.. but they never went into the details of the instruments nor devices. Frustrating!

A bit of networking, where my proposal for training was normally accepted, and spending some time at a french startup talking about hardware opportunities. It’s really a small world, closer than expected, and it was a really great discussion - maybe some of my hardware could find its early beta testers - and that is super cool. On the side, I managed to get some good progress on the ISO37101 tool(s), including a more robust processing engine, better visuals, and a cleaner dataset for the Paris Participatory Budget.

Speaking of cool people, I also was at lehack. Plenty of good stuff, security, pentests in casinos, key/lock designs, retroengineering drone firmware, stuff like this. With a nice blend of social/meta considerations that still make me feel that’s the ‘old hacker scene’ when it’s actually quite corporate, and a huge event =)

A bit of practical doing too, repairing stuff at home, and soldering the DAC2932 and FT600Q boards that finally reached Paris, as well as the v2 of the pHAT ADC board. To be tested. Still, code to write and further tests to do. And I managed to close the Hackaday contest design. Now published, a good thing to tick!

Quite busy, especially with a week end spent on a wedding party and a day at lehack con !