What's best than a yellow friend?



Starting to raise blobs, or Physarum, if we’re being technical, has been sort of an odd pastime, I guess. These slime molds are kind of like nature’s own version of living, creeping art – if you’re into that sort of thing. They’re just these yellow, veiny blobs that slither around, looking for oat flakes or whatever it is you drop into their little dish worlds.

It’s somewhat interesting, in a way, watching them do their thing, solving mazes and whatnot without a brain. Makes you wonder about all the fuss over intelligence when a blob can pretty much do the same trick. It’s a bit of a spectacle, but then again, it’s just a blob finding its way to food.

Taking care of them is not exactly rocket science. Keep the place moist, not too hot, toss in some food but not too much – you don’t want mold. It’s a bit like that low-maintenance pet you never asked for, constantly reminding you to check in but not offering much in terms of interaction.

Every day, they just do their blob thing, avoiding light, making more blobs, and generally just being… blobby. It’s a thing to watch, sure, but at the end of the day, it’s just watching slime mold live its best life, in the most unassuming, blasé way possible.