Another week went back, and I guess slowing down a bit helped. The main milestone was the first class I taught, which went better than expected. Even if it took most of day, and even more from a worry perspective.

This helped in reducing the pressure to build stuff. And by building stuff.. I mean some AI-powered projects. Got a greenlight for an llm-powered bot assistant, got a contact to update existing tools (that I built in another life), starting an ontology for Digital twins, creating a corpus of knowledge, wiki-like, from PDFs, creating an agent-based thermal comfort centered simulation (SimChilly is a good name, innit?).

But also some progress on the less techie parts, like more documentation of the card game, writing (horizon) reports, … and finally starting on considerations about AI Governance in Horizon projects.

Fun with friends - testing raspberry-powered poffertjes - locally made, getting more plants (des jonquilles de saison), closing “Furies”, and getting some tickets for 👾SpaceInvaders. No Dune2🪱 yet - because there’s still some rugby on.

Some more cooking (I love Combava) with a special green curry, and some more techie repairs but involving hot-air guns (not to mention that normally the pico-demod project is ready). Just need to get SMDs.

Of course, usual admin stuff, a bit more family time and looking forward to the next week 😊 And btw, did I tell you that the blobs, who were on the brink of extinction, came back to a healthier life? Yeay for caring.

* Some of these links are to private repos, which can be made public once they reach a 'releasable' stage 🙂