More time to read for once, with the first reads from Alessandro Pignocchi and Petit traité des jardins punk. These are a refreshing detour from the usual tech-heavy focus, offering a momentary escape into different perspectives. Not to mention closing a series of series, including “Furies, “the spaceman”, “Damsel”, “Eight for Silver,” and “Dune 2” (plus the usual crunch).

Second rounds at teaching, still very interesting.. and challenging - for all. And a bit of learning too, on “Making Wardley maps”.

Building stuff - a chunk of time was dedicated to the development of a foundation API for futurists, running as a demo on my substack, and demonstrating interest in analysing weak signals. Also, still progressing on the AI policy bit with the HorAIzon H2020 projects, but tangentially.

In a more profesional space, just managed to put the ‘Organisation maturity assessment’ in order and get that within usual deliverables. Got a mission to London too, progressing on a mix of governance and technology, and having a couple of apps for delivery at the moment. Order book is quite full, I wasn’t expecting it to get it filled that fast. Well, building some resilience before summer!

Meetings, too, from classical “AG” with syndics in a building where 80% of owners live in, along with catch-ups with friends Eric and Emmanuel. Plus a bit of cooking, and kefir experiments.

Amidst these activities, not so much in the hardware space, though components are ordered, and blobs are growing (and I’m building some backup stocks) 📚🖥️🔧