This week unfolded relatively slowly. Family is settling in, getting a Furby to hack, err, play with, and meeting with friends passing through Paris (and discovering good natural Bordeaux). This was nice .. but weather is getting err colder. Blobs are miraculously still alive, and engraving still a hting (trying to be a Picasso haha).

AI-wise, got the first pages in for a AIStrategy for Dummy guide. And got to explore agent-based tools for use cases, key exploitable results, personas.. fun ones.

Quite good progress for hardware, the VGA and PSRAM PMODs are in, so OSHPark was activated, and the IQ-demod board design is on its way. This one could be fun, especially as it seems the rp2040 ADC can reach 4Msps. Would not even need an external ADC.. That was completed by some archiving on GitHub for ultrasound stuff.

The European project is going well, I put a couple if communications papers in the pipeline for publication, we had a general assembly this week in Porto, and even played the GBN Standard game (with recent rules). Progressing on books too (and finished Omale, Part1 - along with binge watching Netflix in the plane).

Some more work to do for teaching, getting to try the beer we brewed, and focusing next year on this big project.. possibly still leaving some time to learn new stuff! 📦🔧🔄